Training & Resources

Training & Resources

Registrar Training

The Office of the Registrar offers training opportunities for IUB staff and administrators in topics such as FERPA compliance, the IUIE student records reporting environment, and how to navigate the IU Workflow applications such as eDrop/eAdd and eGrade Change.

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  • FERPA Basics

    This training session covers a basic overview of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (e.g., what constitutes a student record) and includes pertinent information concerning the recent changes to the federal regulations. Practical applications and real life scenarios will be presented and discussed to illustrate the principles and general practices of the campus. It is offered to all Indiana University employees on the Bloomington campus. For more information on this training session, you may contact us at

  • IUIE Student Records

    The Office of the Registrar offers consultation opportunities for administrators and staff learning to use the IUIE reporting environment. Learn to access, download and prepare data for analysis and reporting. We can provide tailored or special consultations for your group or office. For additional information please contact

  • eDrop/eAdd (Workflow) Training

    This training session is offered to provide an overview of the eDrop/eAdd process. This includes instruction on approving and disapproving documents, establishing and maintaining workgroups, and course set-up options available to departments. Additionally, information is provided concerning communication flows (to the students and to the approvers), as well as eDrop/eAdd timelines for future terms. For more information regarding eDrop/eAdd training, please contact

  • eGrade Change Training and Access

    The electronic-Grade Change (eGC) process is available to all instructors listed on the Schedule of Classes via the One.IU Faculty Center. Help sheets are available on this website, under the eGrade Change link in the Grades & Rosters section.

    Administrative reviewers/approvers of these eDocs must be assigned to workgroups, which may be requested via email Please include the name and username of the personnel to be added/removed from the workgroup, as well as the specific departmental or school affiliation. In addition, certain restricted administrative personnel may be granted access to submit eGrade Changes on behalf of their faculty. To do so, we require a hard-copy memo on departmental letterhead, signed by the chairperson or dean of the unit. The memo must include the name and username of person for whom the request is being made, as well as justification for the administrative access, and should be mailed to: Lisa Scully, Office of the Registrar, 408 N. Union Street. Training is available once access has been granted. For more information, please email us at or call at (812) 855-6758.

  • Completion of Degree Training (Recorders Only)

    This training session is offered to recorders only

    This class provides a hands-on training for completion of degrees. Please contact Sofia Panigada at to set up a training session. Training is provided at 408 N. Union St. Please plan on 1/2 to 1 hour for training.

    Program/plan stack training may also be scheduled with Jan Rakes at the same time. Please plan on 1 1/2 hours if doing both sessions.

  • Program/Plan Stack Maintenance (Recorders and Staff)

    This training session is offered to recorders and their staff only

    This class provides a hands-on training for maintaining program/plan stacks. Please contact Jan Rakes at to set up a training session. Training is provided at 408 N. Union St. Please plan on 1 hour for the program/plan stack training. If you have any special questions or problems, please bring examples with you for discussion and resolution.

    Degree training may also be scheduled with Sofia Panigada at the same time. Please plan 1 1/2 hours if doing both sessions.

  • Scheduling Officer Training

    This training session is offered to Scheduling Officers only.

    This class is designed to instruct Scheduling Officers in the procedures required to build and maintain their academic unit's schedule of classes for registration periods and throughout the term. The training will help the scheduling officer verify that their course listings are displayed correctly in the online Schedule of Classes and in the online registration system. For more information regarding this training, please contact

IUIE Training & Resources

IUIE Training

The Office of the Registrar offers consultation opportunities for administrators and staff learning to use the IUIE reporting environment. We can help you learn to access, download, and prepare data for analysis and reporting.

For general IUIE training, University Student Services and Systems (USSS) offers the IUIE Basics course. To find out more information about this course, check out the USSS Training Website.

For information about IUIE consultation, please feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar at

IUIE Resources

Here are some useful links to sites and tutorials to help you get the most out of the IU Information Environment.

IUIE Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the heading below to see the most frequent questions we receive about accessing and using the IUIE

  • FAQ
    • How do I get access to the IUIE?

      If you do not already have access to the IUIE, then go to the IUIE website and click on the Register tab. The Information Technology Policy Office and Security Accounts will then ascertain if you have a user agreement on file with the university, and if you do, an account will be created for you.

    • Once I have an IUIE account created, what do I have access to?

      Once you have been granted access to the IUIE, you are set up with "University Internal" access. This means that you have access to those report objects which have been deemed as available to the IU community (internal). In Student Records, "University Internal" reports include Course Catalog, the Schedule of Classes, as well as documentation and various control tables. While this is labeled University Internal, it could still be considered restricted data, and caution should always be advised when using data available in the IUIE.

    • I would like to get a list of my majors. How do I access that?

      Once the appropriate security has been set up for you, you will be able to use certain report objects in the IUIE to get your student populations. If you would like to get a list of active students with your major, then you could use the Program/Plan stack* datagroup (Catalog\Master Catalog\Student\Records\Program/Plan Stack\Student Program Stack).

      This does not show if students are enrolled. If you would like to see which of your students are enrolled, you can use the Student Directory and Academic Data* standard query (PDQ), available in the Catalog\Master Catlog\Student\Records (Commonly Used)\Student Directory and Academic Data. Some additional tools could be the Student Term* datagroup or the Enrollment by Program Stack* datagroup. You can select a particular term, major, and derived enrollment status = "enrolled".

    • I’m confused by the way the term statistics work in SIS. If I want to get a student’s GPA during the middle of a semester, is the GPA up to-the-minute or is it only refreshed in batch at the beginning and end of a term?

      Every time there is a change to the enrollment table (a class is dropped or added, or a grade is changed or added), the enrollment engine is invoked. Therefore, for every changed grade, the term statistics will be reset to reflect any changes made.

    • There are so many GPA fields! Which is the "official" GPA that will appear on the transcript?

      The IUGPA Cumulative GPA will appear on the transcript, and will be the GPA used for most queries in the IUIE.

    • How can I send an email out to those students who are on the degree candidate list? Where is that information available in the IUIE?

      On the Student Program Stack* datagroup (Catalog\Master Catalog\Student\Records (Commonly Used)\Student Program Stack), there is a field called Degree Checkout Status which will indicate that a student has ‘applied’ for a degree, or if it is "in review".

      * Report link requires CAS authentication.

Resources for Specific IUIE Reports

  • Course Enrollment Current Directory (CECD)

    The Course Enrollment Current Directory* report object will generate up-to-date course/section student directories and reports for students currently enrolled or registered for a future semester. It will automatically return Group, Class Number, Course Catalog Number, Subject, Institution, Term, and Student's Full Name. Contact information (address) can be returned for each student as well as any selected data elements designated in your query.

    Course Enrollment Current Directory Handout

    * Report link requires CAS authentication.

  • Student Term

    The Student Term* datagroup is a term-specific table/view that is populated via the Student Term Activation process. The Term Activation process creates a record for students who have an active and open Program/Plan Stack record. Other student records will be added to this table through the quick admit process (ACTV). There will be one record per student per institution per career. Students may have more than one Student Term record per term if they are in multiple institutions and/or careers. A student must be activated into a career term and subsequently appear on this table before s/he can register for classes. This view can be used to select currently enrolled students.

    * Report link requires CAS authentication.

  • Enrollment by Class Org

    The Enrollment by Class Org* datagroup contains the course enrollment records for all currently active students. Active students, who are defined as having enrolled in at least one class within the last two years, will have their entire history of IU coursework posted to this file. Current registration activity as well as graded coursework resides on this file. Students can be enrolled, waitlisted or dropped from a course and will still be listed on this file, although only enrolled courses will have grades. The datagroup is secured at the row level by the class (course) academic organization.

    * Report link requires CAS authentication.

  • Program Stack for Degrees

    The Program Stack for Degrees* datagroup contains the most recent information (i.e., rows) for a student's academic objectives (or their degree objectives). Typically, a student will indicate a major (e.g., plan) via the admissions application. Once the record has been passed from admissions to student records (they have been 'matriculated'), a student makes changes to their academic programs/plans via their school. Students can have multiple rows on this view if they have or have had more than one academic degree objective (including multiple plans/subplans). This view does not check for enrollment; it merely identifies students as pursuing or obtaining their degree objectives, regardless of their enrollment status.

    * Report link requires CAS authentication.


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