Data Access

The procedures to obtain access to student records and course related information are administered in compliance with federal and university regulations.

On-line access to the Student Information System (SIS) allows an authorized user the opportunity to view and/or update information on specific students and courses. Access to the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) allows an authorized user to query institutional data. Appropriate training is required for both.



To request access to SIS and/or IUIE, an employee must contact the Access Coordinator in his/her school or department. If you are unsure who the Access Coordinator is for your area, please contact us at

Access Coordinators

An Access Coordinator is an individual within a campus department or office who requests user access to the IUIE or Student Information System (SIS) and serves as the primary contact or liaison to help define legitimate need and the level of access needed by an employee (within that department) based upon the employee's job responsibilities. The Access Coordinator is responsible to keep the Data Manager informed of changes within the department that require changes to access (i.e. changed job responsibilities, termination of employment).

If you are a Bloomington Access Coordinator, please use the Access Administration and Security website to help guide you in requesting student records access for users in your school or department. Also, our Training & Resources webpage is a good reference for the training opportunities available to the employee receiving access.

For questions regarding student records access, contact us at


Guidelines governing use of student records data are informed by the Family Edicational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and appropriate use guidelines as set forth by the university. Relevant university policies include:

You can also learn more about this topic in the Student Privacy & FERPA in that section of our website.