The Office of the Registrar is tasked with observing, promoting, and overseeing the the implementation of a number of policies and university initiatives. Some of these are focused on student enrollment compliance, such as immunization and residency, and are presented at length for our students in locations like Student Central. They're included here as additional resources.

We also have policy oversight in some additional areas like classroom management and grading standards. While the ramifications of a late course withdrawal, the X grade replacement policy, or an incidence of academic misconduct might be of equal interest to students and instructors, the content here has been developed to assist instructors in those situations where they might need a bit of clarification.

Additionally, IU has a number of outstanding policy and guideline resources for those who wish to know more about how the university community operates and governs itself on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few recommendations for those seeking to do additional research: