Student Privacy & FERPA for Parents

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that protects the privacy of education records for all students at the university. The general principle is that student education records are considered confidential and may not be released to third parties (including parents) without the written consent of the student. Protected elements of the student’s education record include, but are not limited to, financial data, progress in courses, class scheduling, grade information, and academic disciplinary information.

About Third Party Access

We understand that many students wish to share information with their parents and family members, so we have created a method which allows the student to provide third party access to this information. Students now have the ability to authorize another person, such as a parent or guardian, to view specific types of personal information in the Student Information System (SIS) through One.IU. Individuals granted third party access will have the ability to view personal information such as financial aid award and summary information, descriptions of holds on records, grades, unofficial transcripts, and class and final exam schedules.* We hope to facilitate good communication between you and your son/daughter regarding his/her college experience by providing this service.

This access does not authorize the third party to receive information from the university by any other method, such as phone, email or in-person visits. The student’s information may only be viewed through the 3rd Party User Access app in One.IU.

For more information regarding this service and the steps you need to follow to acquire third party access, see Student Central's Third Party Access documentation. You can also find detailed instructions in the IU Knowledge Base article As an IU student, how do I allow someone to view my personal information?

* For information about access to bursar account information, including e-bills, students must create Authorized Payer access using the Set Up 3rd Party Users app one One.IU. Detailed instructions for creating Authorized Payer access is available from the IU Knowledge Base.


Questions and comments regarding FERPA may be directed to the Office of the Registrar at or (812) 855-2654.