Academic Misconduct

Instructors are required to follow a uniform reporting to the Dean of Students all cases of academic misconduct (May 2, 1961). On the Bloomington campus, the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct requires faculty to notify the Office of the Registrar of such cases. The code states that "(i)f the sanction includes a failing grade for the course, the Registrar will be notified that the grade was given because of academic misconduct." (BFC April 4, 2006)

In cases where the allegation of academic misconduct has not been resolved prior to the final grades deadline, the faculty is counseled to award the grade of Incomplete (I). (BFC, April 4, 2006)

Effective Fall 2006, the academic misconduct reporting values of I* and F* (I with asterisk and F with asterisk) became available for use during final grade entry.

Faculty may effectively report to the Registrar cases of academic misconduct by entering the academic misconduct reporting values of I* and F* on the final grade rosters. These values allow instructors to award the grades of Incomplete (I) or Failing (F), while also notifying the Office of the Registrar that such grades are being awarded because of academic misconduct. The I* and F* values will be reflected on the academic record as I and F, respectively.

Please note that these values should only be applied in cases of academic misconduct, and that an incident report must be filed with the Office of Student Ethics for each I* and/or F* awarded.

For information about policies and procedures, including due process requirements, see Part II: Student Responsibilities > Academic Misconduct and Part III: Procedures for Implementation of the Code > Misconduct of the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

Copies of the code can also be obtained from the Dean of Students.