Enrollment Requirements & Class Standing

Full-Time Student Status for Official Enrollment Certification Purposes

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for determining standards for full-time and half-time enrollment and if an exception to those standards can be made. Questions regarding exceptions should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

A student who is working on an undergraduate degree that requires 120 to 128 credit (unit) hours for completion of requirements should expect to complete 15 or 16 credit (unit) hours during regular semesters in order to complete degree requirements in eight semesters. See your advisor for more specific information regarding academic full-time credit (unit) hour recommendations for your program.

Correspondence courses will not be counted toward credit (unit) hour totals.

Undergraduate12 hrs.
Graduate8 hrs.

Note: Full-time enrollment for Kelley Direct online MBA students is 6 credits per term.

Some university services (fellowships, assistantships and athletics committees), as well as Residential Programs & Services, the Office of International Services, and Veterans Support Services have additional enrollment requirements and guidelines. These requirements are explained in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin for each academic term.

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Undergraduate Class Standing

Class standing is determined by the number of hours completed in a student's current academic program.

Class Hours
Freshman0-29 hrs.
Sophomore30-59 hrs.
Junior60-89 hrs.
Senior90+ hrs.