Enrollment Information

Student Central is IU Bloomington's point-of-service office for class registration information, transcript requests, schedule adjustment, student accounts, and student financial aid. Student Central is a collaborative customer service organization featuring the combined expertise of the offices of the Registrar, Student Financial Assistance, and Student Accounts. All students are encouraged to check out the Student Central website at studentcentral.indiana.edu for registration assistance, help understanding their grades or the financial aid process, updating their personal information, and upcoming academic and financial deadlines.

Support for IUB Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff seeking to support their students during the enrollment process are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Student Central website, as that has become the canonical source for registration and course enrollment procedures and deadlines. Please note, however, that as a member of the IU professional community your contact resource for questions and support remains the Office of the Registrar. To help serve you better, we've included links below to frequently visited topics of interest about the registration and enrollment process.

Student Registration Overview

Returning students are issued registration appointments to pick their classes during Early Enrollment. New students register during Open Registration. Late Registration is designed to catch everyone else. Need to know which is which and when to do what?

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How to Register

The Student Center, available via One.IU, is the gateway to IU's Registration System. Students can access the Registration System from any computer connected to the internet.

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Course Prerequisites, Class Permissions, Class Standing

In order to register for some classes, students must meet certain criteria defined by the department, school, or instructor offering the course.

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Class Registration Options: Audit, Pass/Fail, Course Retake & More

Not all enrollments are created equally. Some students only want to audit or take a class pass/fail, while others need to re-enroll in a course they've already taken. Student teachers and doctoral students have their own special set of concerns.


We can't always get what we want -- at least not right away. IU has a waitlist sytem for students looking to enroll in a class that is already full.

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And sometimes we end up in classes we don't want, or find a class we want (or need) more. The Drop/Add system was created to allow students to adjust their schedules from shortly after their initial registration all the way up to the Automatic W deadline and beyond. The procedures change as we get later into the semester.

Refer to these help sheets for detailed instructions:

Deadlines and procedures for Drop/Add »

Withdrawal from the University

To withdraw from the university, there are certain guidelines a student needs to follow to avoid potentially receiving a failing grade for non-attendance.

Please note: Effective Fall Semester 2015, the final day a student may request a complete withdrawal from all enrollments for the semester is the final day of instruction/classes for the term, as published in the Official Calendar. In fall and spring terms, the deadline will be the Friday before Final Examination Week.

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Note: Students who need to withdraw from the university due to military commitments have a different set of procedures. You can view the detailed studentinstructions on Student Central's Military Withdrawal page, or consult the IU policy regarding military withdrawals on this website.