Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Online Course Descriptions

Class descriptions are available via Class Search within the SIS Student Center or through the public Schedule of Classes (Public) task in One.IU.

Use the search utility to identify the course you want, then select the Details Button button to view the class description.

Course Description from Class Search

Official course descriptions are available in each school or department’s academic bulletin, accessible through the Course Bulletin Descriptions and Academic Bulletin task in One.IU.

Course Description Request

Course description requests are also processed by the Office of the Registrar for courses taken on the Bloomington campus or on any regional campus if prior to the fall semester of 1968. Any work completed on a regional campus during or after that semester must be processed by the specific campus's Office of the Registrar. Occasionally, the description on file with the Registrar is not adequate or cannot be found. In these cases, the requester is either advised to contact the responsible school or department or contact information is provided in the course description letter.

Requests for course descriptions can be made in person, by mail, phone, fax (see below for link to form) or by email at Processing course descriptions is performed on first-come-first-served basis. Every attempt is made to process and mail the request within two weeks.

Use the Course Description Request Form to make a request

Your request must include the following

  1. Your full name;
  2. Your student ID number;
  3. Your daytime phone number (in case the requester must be contacted);
  4. Email or postal address to which the course description(s) should be sent;
  5. Title of course(s);
  6. Department code(s) and course number(s);
  7. Semester and year the course(s) was/were taken.

Important: A request cannot be processed if the student is encumbered by the Bursar, Greek Housing, or the Student Loan Administration (SLA). The student should contact the appropriate office to resolve the encumbrance.

Course description requests are generally delivered by email or US Mail at no charge to the student.