Campus Event Registration

Faculty and Staff

Submit requests for one-time or recurring events that take place in Registrar controlled classrooms (including computer labs) online here:

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The first time that you login, please enter your email as "," leave the password blank, and click "Sign in." You must use and NOT for this initial step. You will then be taken to the IU CAS Authentication screen to enter your everyday IU username and password.

Note: The form works best in Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. Mobile devices are not supported.

For help finding the right classroom to schedule, take a look at the Classroom Database maintained by our friends at Classroom Technology Services.

For lab schedules, software requests, and additional technology needs for your event, check out the resources offered by Student Technology Centers.

IU-Bloomington Students

Students can submit all campus event requests through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, part of the Division of Student Affairs.

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Cancel or Alter a Reservation

To make changes to your online registration requests, please contact Room Scheduling via e-mail at or call us at (812) 855-2489, Monday through Friday until 4:30 p.m.