Grade of Incomplete

A student who has received a grade of Incomplete (I) should not register for the course a second time, but should arrange with the instructor to have the Incomplete (I) changed to a letter grade upon completion of all requirements.

Removal of Incompletes

Methods. A grade of Incomplete may be removed (a) by the student completing the course within the time limit and the instructor sending the appropriate Removal-of-Incomplete request to the Office of the Registrar, or (b) by the dean of the student’s school authorizing the change of the Incomplete to W. (Faculty Council, February 19, 1963)

Process. The instructor of record may remove the Incomplete via the electronic Grade Change (eGrade Change) application, located in the Instructor Information box in the Faculty Center via One.IU. To locate the eGrade Change link, enter "eGrade Change" in the One.IU search field and click enter. Should the instructor of record be unavailable, an authorized administrator in the department may submit the eGC request. (Please contact the Office of the Registrar at [812] 855-6758 for assistance regarding the administrative submission of eGrade Changes.)

Limits. The time allowed for the removal of an Incomplete is one calendar year from the date of its recording, except that the dean of the student’s college or school may authorize adjustment of this period in exceptional circumstances.   By assigning an Incomplete an instructor implicitly authorizes and requires the “I” to be changed to an “F” at the end of the appropriate time period, if that instructor does not otherwise act to remove the “I”.  The registrar will automatically change the “I” to “F” at the end of the appropriate time period except when an adjustment of the period has been authorized or the student has received a degree since that date. Both the student and the instructor in whose course the student received the Incomplete will be notified of this change of grade. (University Faculty Council, February 8, 1977)

Additional information regarding Incomplete (I) grades, including policies governing the awarding of Incomplete grades, can be found under ACA-67: Incompletes on the University Policies website in the Academic, Faculty & Students category.