Early Evaluation Grades

Early Evaluation Grades



According to the Bloomington Campus Procedures on Early Evaluations approved by the Bloomington Faculty Council, all instructors teaching General Education Common Ground courses, as well as other courses in which there are freshmen or sophomores in University Division will receive a request for assignment of letter grade evaluations in the fourth week of the regular semester, with a submission deadline of the Sunday after the sixth week.

Grades can be submitted online using the Student Performance Roster in the Faculty Center via One.IU or the Student Engagement Roster from One.IU or Canvas.

The method by which an early letter grade evaluation is determined, and the percentage of the final grade which that evaluation represents, are decided by the instructor. This evaluation will be accessible to the student and the student’s academic advisor. These evaluations are for counseling purposes and are not recorded on the students’ permanent records.

If you teach only graduate courses in which no undergraduate students are enrolled, you will not be required to enter Early Evaluation Grades.


For grade roster questions or questions about Early Evaluations, contact the Office of the Registrar at regrrost@indiana.edu or by phone at (812) 855-6758 Monday through Friday until 4:30 p.m.


When are grades due?

The submission deadline established by the Bloomington Faculty Council is the Sunday after the sixth week of the semester. See the Official Calendar for the date and time when Early Evaluations are due.

Semester dates are published as they become available, but the most current schedules can be found here

Early Evaluation Grades submitted after the published deadline cannot be assured of inclusion in advising reports.

Early Evaluation rosters are available for updating at all times except Monday – Saturday, 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., and Sunday, 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Times given are Eastern Daylight Time.

Assigning Grades

Assigning Grades

Please assign a letter grade (A+ through F; S or F for approved S/F graded courses) for each student on the roster. The following special Early Evaluation grades may be used to provide additional information:

Excessive Absence Indicator

The M notation can be used in combination with only the grades of F or I (Incomplete) to indicate excessive absence.

  • FM grade indicates students who are failing due to lack of attendance or who have never attended.
  • IM grade indicates students for whom no progress evaluation is possible, whose current enrollment status is unknown, or who may be in the process of officially withdrawing.

Please also see our Grade Value Explanation page for more information on acceptable grade value options.

Additional Considerations

  • Except for General Education Common Ground courses, Early Evaluation grades are only required for students who are freshmen or University Division sophomores.
  • Instructors will see grade rosters for only those classes where they are listed as the Primary Instructor.
  • Instructors can assign grade proxy through the Faculty Center via One.IU. (See publication Assigning Grade Proxies and Enrollment Assistants.)
  • Instructors will not see other instructors' grade rosters.
  • Instructors who teach courses with undergraduate students should go to the Faculty Center via One.IU to find out whether they have grade rosters to submit for Early Evaluation.
  • Students can view Early Evaluation Grades through Student Center via One.IU.
  • SAVE OFTEN! - If your session is inactive for more than 10 minutes, it will timeout and any grades entered but not saved will be lost. If you only have time to enter some but not all of your grades, you can save the partial roster and return to it later.
Grade Entry Tips

When using the Student Performance Roster, you may find these grade entry tips helpful.

Open a new browser window - Always open a new browser window before accessing the Faculty Center via One.IU to enter Early Evaluation Grades.

SAVE, SAVE!!! - If your session is inactive for more than 10 minutes, it will timeout and any grades entered but not saved will be lost. If you only have time to enter some but not all of your grades, you can save the partial roster and return to it later.

If you click Save Draft Grades without clicking Approve and submit button, you have not submitted your grades.

Approved and Submitted grades - Early Evaluation Grades are not part of the permanent record. These grades are temporarily available online to students and advisors through the View Grades option in the Student Center, and will be removed before the final grading period begins.

To verify that grades were successfully submitted - A confirmation message is displayed at the top of the grade roster as soon as it has been approved.

Students can view their Early Evaluation Grades online – After the deadline for submission of these grades, University Division notifies students with Early Evaluations of the location of the grades and provides reports for advisors.

Help Sheets

Should you need assistance, the following help sheets might prove helpful: