eDrop/eAdd Instructions

The online eDrop/eAdd system accessible through One.IU is available to students from the second week of classes through the Automatic Withdrawal (Auto W) deadline for each session. Instructions regarding the process and deadlines for students are available on the Student Central website.

Help Documents

The following materials for managing eDrop/eAdd requests are available for instructors and staff:



In situations where you may need to assist a student with navigating the eDrop/eAdd system, we've also compiled the following student-oriented help sheets:

Students should also be encouraged to review Student Central's Drop or Add a Class section for additional guidance.

eDrop/eAdd Configuration Information

The eDrop/eAdd Workflow Processing utility is maintained by the Office of the Registrar to provide a quick reference to the workflow configuration for eDrop/eAdd request routing. If you don't have access and need it as part of your professional responsibilities, you can request access by contacting eDocsBL@indiana.edu.

Access the eDrop/eAdd Workflow Processing utility »