Academic Building Codes

They can be confusing, and there seem to be more of them every day. Stay on top of IU Bloomington's building code index with our quick reference below.

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Code Building Name
AB Multidisciplinary Engineering & Sciences (MESH) Hall
AC Cedar Hall-Union Street Center
AD Auditorium
AG American Indian Studies
AM DeVault Alumni Center
AN 701 E. 8th St (Anthropology Annex)
AS Assembly Hall (Simon Skjodt)
AYAydelotte Hall (Ashton)
BH Ballantine Hall
BQ Briscoe Quad
BY Bryan Hall
C2 Classroom-Office Building (CMCL)
C3 Carmichael Center
C9 Cognitive Science (CRCC 100)
CG Godfrey Grad & Exec Ed Ctr
CH Chemistry Building
CN IU Cinema
CS Arts Annex
CU Student Central; Student Academic Center (408 N. Union)
CX Chemistry Addition
ED Wendell W. Wright Education Building
EG Eigenmann Hall
EO Edmondson Hall (Collins Center)
EP Ernie Pyle Hall
ER Smith Research Center (2805 E. 10th)
FA Fine Arts Building
FE Folklore & Ethnomusicology Auditorium
FF Franklin Hall
FK 504 N. Fess
FQ Foster Quad (Shea & Martin Hall)
FR Forest Quad
FX McCalla School (Fine Arts Annex)
FV Art Museum (Sidney & Lois Eskenazi)
FY 501 N. Park
GA Global & International Studies
GB Goodbody Hall
GDAshton Hall
GG Griggs Lounge (Ashton)
GL Glenn A. Black Laboratory (9th and Fess)
GR Gresham Hall (Foster Quad)
GS Geological Survey
GY Geology Building
HA 324 N. Jordan (Honors College)
HC Health Center
HE Hershey Hall (Ashton Center)
HH Hodge Hall (Kelley School of Business)
HK Hillcrest
HL 801 N. Jordan Avenue (Nelson RPS Admin)
HR Harris House (School of Public Health)
HU Hutton Honors College (811 E. 7th Street)
I School of Informatics (West-901 E. 10th St)
I2 School of Informatics (East-919 E. 10th St)
IC International Services (111 S. Jordan Ave)
IN 402 N. Park (ABEH-Integrative Std)
JA 321 N. Woodlawn Ave
JH Jordan Hall
KD ROTC/Military Science (814 E. 3rd St)
KH Kirkwood Hall
LA 1125 E. Atwater (Latin & Caribbean Studies)
LH Lindley Hall
LI Wells Library
LL Lilly Library
LS Lewis Building
LW Law Building
LZ LaCasa/Latino Cultural Ctr (715 E. 7th St)
M Music Library and Recital Center, Bess Meshulam Simon; Speech & Hearing Clinic
M2 Mathers Museum
MA Music Annex
MC Musical Arts Center
ME Cravens Hall (641 N. Woodlawn Ave.)
MGWildermuth Intramural Center
MHMoenkhaus Hall (Ashton)
MJ Mottier Hall (Ashton)
MM Memorial Hall
MN McNutt Central Quad
MO Morrison Hall
MQ Mason Hall
MS Memorial Stadium
MU Merrill Hall
MV Mellencamp Pavilion
MY Myers Hall
MZ Indiana Institute on Disability and Community (2853 E. 10th)
OA Admissions (300 N. Jordan)
OB Kirkwood Observatory
OC Off-Campus (BLOCOC in SIS)
OP Optometry Building
OW Owen Hall
PC Career Develpment Center (625 N. Jordan)
PH Public Health, School of
PJ Poynter Center (618 E. 3rd St)
PO Poplars (400 E. 7th)
PS 1217 E. Atwater Ave
PY Psychology
R2 Journal of American History
RA Spruce Hall
RB Student Recreational Sports & Aquatic Center
RE Read Center
RH Rawles Hall
S2 Multidisciplinary Science Building II
S7 Inst. for Social Research (1022 E. 3rd.)
SB Student Building
SE Swain East
SH Shea Hall (Foster Quad)
SI Simon Hall
SP IU Research Park (501 N. Morton St)
SW Swain West
SY Sycamore Hall
T2 Communications Services
TE Teter Quad
TH Lee Norvelle Theatre and Drama Center / Marcellus Neal and Frances Marshall Black Culture Center
TO 1800 N. Fee Lane
TP Tennis Center
TV Radio and TV Building
UB Union Building
WA Weatherly Hall (Ashton Center)
WH Woodburn Hall
WI Wilkie Quad
WT Wright Quad
WU Social Work (1127 E. Atwater Ave)
WY Wylie Hall