Official Calendar - Fall 2018

  • Mon, Aug 20
    Classes begin
  • Fri, Oct 12
    8-Week ends
  • Mon, Oct 15
    8-Week begins
  • Fri, Dec 14
    End of term
  • Labor Day (Mon, Sept 3)
  • Fall Break (Oct 5 - Oct 7)
  • Thanksgiving (Nov 18 - Nov 25)
Non-Standard Dates
1st 8-Week - Official Calendar (Aug 20 - Oct 12)
Fall 2018 1st 8-Week
Early Enrollment/Registration
For students enrolled at IU Bloomington during the Spring 2018 semester, each student is assigned a "registration appointment" which denotes the first day and time the student can access registration online via the Student Center. Online registration remains open only through the first week of classes. This is not an appointment to speak with an academic advisor.
15226416008w1M Apr 2 - F Apr 27
Open Registration/Schedule Adjustment
For all students. No appointment required.
15248880008w1Sa Apr 28 - Su Aug 26
Late Registration Fee Assessed15344784008w1F Aug 17 - Su Aug 26
Classes Begin15347376008w1M Aug 20
Waitlist requests expire15349968008w1Th Aug 23
100% Refund Deadline15352560008w1Su Aug 26
Faculty Verification of Class Attendance
Faculty verify class attendance and report student enrollment discrepancies through the Student Performance Roster in the Faculty Center. Due the Sunday after the sixth week of the term.
15353424008w1M Aug 27 - Su Sept 30
Late Schedule Adjustment Fee assessed for drops. Grade of W begins for all drops.
See Student Central's Late Drop/Add instructions for more information.

Please note that the final day a student may request a complete withdrawal from all enrollments for the semester is the final day of instruction/classes for the term.
15353424008w1M Aug 27
Late Registration with Signed Approval Begins
A late registration fee will be assessed. See Late Registration for more information.
15353424008w1M Aug 27
Pass/Fail Option Deadline
Students must submit form to school/division dean. See Student Central's Pass/Fail Option page for more information.
15356880008w1F Aug 31
50% Refund Deadline
Change fees will be assessed.
15358608008w1Su Sept 2
Labor Day - No classes.
15359472008w1M Sept 3
Fee Deadline15365520008w1M Sept 10
Withdrawal with Automatic W
Last day to drop a course with an automatic W.
15376752008w1Su Sept 23
Withdrawal with grade of W or F
Online processing is not available. Drop forms should be obtained from the student's school. Completed forms must be submitted for processing at Student Central.
15377616008w1M Sept 24
Last day for deans to approve a course drop15381072008w1F Sept 28
Fall Break - No classes.
Break begins after last class on Thursday, October 4; classes resume on Monday, October 8.
15387120008w1F Oct 5 - Su Oct 7
Final Exams15389712008w1Last day of class
Last day of classes15393168008w1F Oct 12
Final Grades entry deadline
Due from faculty to the Office of the Registrar by 3 p.m. of the third day following last class or final examination.
15395760008w1M Oct 15
Complete Withdrawal (All Classes) Deadline
Last day a student may request a complete withdrawal from all enrollments for the semester
15441588008w1F Dec 7
Transcripts available with fall grades15451956008w1W Dec 19

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