Student Performance Roster

The process of class attendance verification is conducted in the Fall and Spring terms and is included in the Student Performance Roster (SPF). The SPF roster includes a set of elements in addition to Attendance, for the assessment of student academic performance. These are available for all terms and include: Trends, Flags, and Recommended Student Actions.

Student Performance Rosters are viewable only for classes in the current semester starting the day after the end of the first week of classes and ending at the beginning of final grade roster production. The rosters are available in the Faculty Center via One.IU.

To find your rosters via One.IU, navigate to One.IU and use the search term "Faculty Center".

Faculty Center in One.IU

You can also use the direct link Click on the Start button and log in with your username and passphrase when prompted (if you're not already CAS authenticated) to be taken to your My Teaching Schedule screen.

Faculty Center: My Teaching Schedule


For any additional questions, comments, or problems you run into with the attendance verification process, you can e-mail the Office of the Registrar at or call us at (812)855-5680 Monday through Friday until 4:30 p.m.