Reporting Attendance

For attendance verification purposes, the Office of the Registrar is interested in determining the correct enrollment status of all students attending Indiana University Bloomington.

Every student associated with a class should fit one of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled and attending class,
  • Enrolled, but not attending (but has attended at least one class),
  • Enrolled, but has never attended,
  • Dropped or Withdrawn (but has attended at least one class),
  • Dropped or Withdrawn, and has never attended,
  • Attending, but not enrolled.
Navigating the Roster

There are two pages on the Student Performance Roster:

  • Student Summary: This is a display of the students listed in the class, their enrollment status, and any selected values. The roster opens by default on the Student Summary view.
  • Assessments: This roster page displays all the available values that can be selected for each student. To move to the Assessments page,
    • Click on the University ID Number corresponding to the student you want to report, or
    • Select the Assessments tab at the top of the roster to move to the page where the available values can be selected for each one of the students on the roster.

Once values are selected for a student, those values will also appear as links to the Student Summary page. Clicking the values displayed for a student on the Student Summary will open the Assessments view where you can make further changes to the selected student.

After providing and verifying the Attendance status for all students on the roster, click the Submit button to indicate that your review has been completed. If you need to leave the roster before completing your attendance review, click the Save button to keep any updates already made. Values that have been entered and saved will not be visible to the students until you click the Submit button.

Assessing Attendance

Click on the categories below to learn how to deal with each enrollment/attendance pair.

  • Students Enrolled and Attending Class

    On the Student Summary page, you can click the Set Blank Attendance to Attending link. Clicking this link will fill all the blank fields for the students listed as Enrolled with an attendance value of Attending. These values can be changed for each student individually after the default value is selected.

    You may also select Attending on an individual student's record on the Assessments page.

    Set Blank Attendance to Attending

    After populating the attendance values to Attending, these values can be removed clicking the Set Blank Attendance to Attending link again.

    What if all of your students are Enrolled and Attending? Click the link, confirm that all of your students have been marked correctly, hit the Submit button, and you're done. Congratulations!

  • Students Enrolled but Not Attending

    If an enrolled student is not attending your class, change the Attendance status value to Not Attending. An approximate last date of attendance must be provided.

  • Students who have Dropped/Withdrawn, but attended at least once

    Students who have dropped during the first week of classes are already recorded as Dropped and Not Attending. Students who have dropped after the first week of classes are recorded as Withdrawn and Not Attending. These students require no action on your part if they have attended at least once prior to dropping the class.

  • Enrolled, Dropped or Withdrawn Students who have Never Attended

    In order to comply with new financial aid guidelines, instructors are now requested to report students who have never attended a class meeting for a course in which they have been enrolled, even if the student has already dropped the course. These students should be marked as Never Attended.

    When you have made the appropriate status updates for any or all of your students, click the Submit button. You may continue to review the changes and/or make additional changes (including adding students not listed to the roster) after your initial update.

  • Students Attending but Not Enrolled

    Students who are attending class but who do not appear on the SIS roster are not officially enrolled and should be reported.

    The utility for reporting students who are attending your class, but who are not enrolled, can be found at the bottom of the roster page, under the heading Students attending this class but not on roster.

    Reporting a student does not enroll the student in this class. This is merely an indication of class attendance by the instructor. No enrollment transactions will be processed by the Office of the Registrar as a direct result of the instructor's completion and submission of this form. The purpose of this roster is to uncover discrepancies between attendance and enrollment so that the students can be contacted to resolve their enrollment problems.

    To report a student not on the roster:

    1. Scroll down the roster page until you find the heading: Students attending this class but not on roster.
    2. If available, type the University ID number in the text box beneath the heading ID. This field is 10 characters in length and requires leading zeroes (Example: 0000123456 is a valid ID, but 123456 is not.)
    3. If the student name returned is incorrect, or if you don't have the student ID, click the ID field.
    4. On the Lookup ID page, type the student's last and first name.
    5. Click the Look Up button. This search may take several minutes.
    6. The search result displays all the students with matching names, and includes middle name, University ID, and date of birth.
    7. If you can identify your student with the information provided, click the student ID.
    8. The student ID and name are now listed, showing that the student is attending class but is not on the roster.
    9. If you cannot identify with certainty the student you want to add from the search result, please contact us by email at, and provide course subject, catalog number, (for example, ENG-W 131), class number, and full student name. In the e-mail subject line, type Roster Add.
    10. The plus (+) and minus (-) signs on the right side can be used to add multiple students to the same roster, or to remove students added in error.
    11. Click the Submit button when you finish updating your roster

    This action does not enroll the student in this class. It merely indicates attendance. Reported students will be notified via e-mail by the Office of the Registrar that their instructor has reported an enrollment discrepancy and will be given instructions to remedy their situation.

    If a student adds the class after the roster has been saved or submitted, he/she will be listed as NEW in the Last Saved On column.

    New Enrollment for an Added Student

Completing the Process

Once you have made your updates and saved all of your changes, the date saved is displayed in the Last Saved On column. To indicate you have completed and submit your enrollment verification, you must click the Submit button. The data entered on the roster will then be visible to students, advisors, and to the Office of the Registrar.

If you update a roster incorrectly or receive late changes, you may return to the roster link and add any changes later. Updates to the Student Performance Roster can be saved and/or submitted multiple times throughout the term.


For any additional questions, comments, or problems you run into with the attendance verification process or the Student Performance Roster, you can e-mail the Office of the Registrar at or call us at (812)855-6758 Monday through Friday until 4:30 p.m.