Attendance Verification Overview

As part of the attendance verification process, instructors are asked to review the list of students that have registered for their classes through the Student Performance Roster and identify any enrollment discrepancies.

All students who appear on the Student Enrollment Roster will have one of the following Enrollment Status values, which is based on their current official enrollment record:

  • Enrolled: Students listed as Enrolled on the SPF roster are the students who are registered in the class at the time the roster is created. The Attendance values for these students must be specified by the instructor before submitting the roster. Attendance for Enrolled students is not pre-set based on course enrollment, but instructors may set the attendance value Attending as the default for all Enrolled students on the roster when appropriate.

    To set the attendance value to Attending for all the students listed as Enrolled, click the Set Blank Attendance to Attending link, underlined above the list of students.

Set Blank Attendance to Attending

  • Dropped (attendance defaults to Not Attending). These are students who cancelled their registration during the first week of the term. Dropped students who were not seen or participated in class activities at least one time should have the attendance value changed to Never Attended, in compliance with Federal Aid regulations.
  • Withdrawn (attendance defaults to Not Attending). These are students who dropped a class after the first week of classes. A grade of W is recorded on the student record for that particular class. Withdrawn students who were not seen or did not participate in class activities at least one time should have the attendance value changed to Never Attended, in compliance with Federal Aid regulations.

The available Attendance values are:

  • Attending
  • Not Attending (need to report the last attendance date)
  • Never Attended
  • Irregular attendance
  • Has started attending regularly

You may click on the student ID to go to the Assessments tab and see all the values that are available for the student.

Attendance Values on Assessments Page

Attendance verification (Attendance), which is part of the student performance roster, should be reviewed by the campus deadline in order to comply with federal regulations. Faculty can continue to update attendance throughout the term until final grade rosters are generated.

Non-undergraduate students in undergraduate classes will only have the Attendance column available. Non-undergraduate classes will also have a performance roster with only the Attendance column available.

If the student has withdrawn from the class, the Attendance value will default to Not Attending. If the instructor indicates that an enrolled student is Not Attending, the last date of attendance will be required. Even if the exact last day cannot be recalled, please supply an approximate last date of attendance. This information is necessary for Financial Aid purposes. Students that have never attended or did never participate in class should be reported as Never Attended, even if they have already withdrawn from the class. Attendance for Dropped or Withdrawn students can be reported as Not Attending or Never Attended.

  • Once the review is completed, click the Submit button on the roster page. This action will record the date of submission for attendance information.
  • The Roster Status on the Faculty Center page displays the time of the last update whether the roster was just saved (not visible to the student) or submitted (indicating that the faculty verification of enrollment has been completed, and is now visible to the student.)

For any additional questions, comments, or problems you run into with the attendance verification process or the Student Performance Roster, you can e-mail the Office of the Registrar at or call us at (812)855-6758 Monday through Friday until 4:30 p.m.