Spring 2018, Bloomington

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        X 70 :  All choral ensembles meet daily from 2:30 to 3:50 pm, or
        4:00-6:00 pm.  Students enrolled in MUS-X 70 must keep all afternoons
        free during these designated time periods until receiving an ensemble
        assignment following choral auditions
        Choral assignments for the entire school year are based on auditions
        held the week before classes in the fall semester.  If you did not
        audition at that time, you must audition on the first day of classes
        in the spring semester.  Please schedule an audition through Canvas;
        see link on Choral Department website.  If you auditioned in August,
        you do not need to re-audition in January
        For a complete list of choral ensembles, rehearsal dates, and times,
        please refer to the Choral Department website at HTTP://TINYURL.COM/Q9W6HKX.
        This information is also posted outside MA052.  There may not be
        openings in all ensembles in the spring semester if you did not
        audition in August
               3906          ARR             ARR    ARR       DiOrio D               3015 2682    0
                                                              Huff W
                                                              Albanese C
                                                              Burleigh B
                                                              Buff C
               9784 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       Sutton T                 15    9    0
                 Above class for Jazz Voice majors only
                 Above class for Circle Singing Ensemble
                 Meeting Times: Wednesday, 6:30-9:00pm; Thursday,
                 12:20-2:15pm, MA452
                 Above class requires permission of Department
              10092 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       Sutton T                 25   21    0
                 Above class for non-Jazz Voice majors
                 Above class for Circle Singing Ensemble
                 Meeting Time: Wednesday, 6:30-9:00pm, MA452
                 Above class does not fulfill major ensemble requirement for
                 music majors