Spring 2018, Bloomington

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         CLSD  3549 RSTR     ARR             ARR    ARR       Cartledge D              80    0    0
                 Above class open to Undergraduate Music students only
                 P 100 : For Jacobs School of Music undergrad majors with some
                 pianistic background. Prerequisite ability includes
                 completion of MUS-P 141 or equivalent experience and the
                 ability to sight read treble and bass clefs simultaneously.
                 Less advanced students see MUS-P 111, P 121, P 131, P 141.
                 It is the students' responsibility to contact their teacher
                 as soon as teacher assignments have been posted at JS 204
                 during the first week. If you have questions regarding proper
                 level, please contact the secondary piano coordinator, JS
                 204, 812-855-9009. Advisors: Please discourage guessing at
                 level, as this usually results in a schedule adjustment.
                 Above class meets with MUS-P 700, Z 110, and Z710
               3550 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       Gillespie L               5    5    0
                 Above class for Jazz Studies majors
                 Above class requires permission of instructor