Course Listing: 2ND YEAR CHINESE 2

Summer 2017, Bloomington

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	EALC-C 202  2ND YEAR CHINESE 2 (2-4 CR)
               5768 PERM 4W3 08:30A-01:00P   D      ED 1210   Liles X                  42   19    0
                                                              Weng C
                 Above class is part of an intensive, immersion, residential
                 institute and requires an online application available at HTTP://WWW.INDIANA.EDU/~FCI
                 Students taking C 202 must also register for C 201 from June
                 5 - June 30. No other classes can be taken concurrently with
                 these classes.
                 Above class meets July 3 - July 28
                 Above class requires permission of Department
                 IUB GenEd World Language class