Course Listing: CHAMBER MUSIC

Fall 2016, Bloomington

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                                                              Ganatra S 
                 F 550 : Students in the above class should be aware that a
                 flexible schedule is required when scheduling coachings with
                 their faculty coach. Students must attend the Chamber Music
                 course meeting held in the first week of classes to find out
                 important information regarding group sign-up and placement
                 auditions. Time and location of the meetings will be
                 announced to enrolled students and will be posted on the
                 chamber music website at HTTP://TINYURL.COM/NQWQRQM. All
                 members of the group must be enrolled in MUS-F450 or F550,
                 unless making up an incomplete. Students must obtain the
                 permission and signature of a faculty coach for their group
                 and receive seven coachings, performing at least once in a
                 public setting. Groups that are unable to find a chamber
                 coach will be assigned to a faculty member by the Head of
                 Chamber Music. Visit the above chamber music website for
                 further details on guidelines and required paperwork or email
        with questions.
                 Above class open to Graduate Music students only