Course Listing: THE SOLAR SYSTEM

Spring 2016, Bloomington

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        Above class is part of the "Transfer Indiana" (transferIN) Initiative.
         For additional information, link to HTTP://WWW.TRANSFERIN.NET
              12390 RSTR     06:30P-07:45P   MW     SW 219    Patel S                  42    1    4
                 A 100 : Part of an introductory sequence for non science
                 majors.  There are no prerequisites and it does not count
                 toward an astronomy or astrophysics major.  AST-A 100 can be
                 counted for credit with AST-A 105 but not AST-A 110.
                 A portion of the above class is reserved for freshmen
                 IUB GenEd N&M credit - Natural Science
                 COLL (CASE) N&M Breadth of Inquiry credit