Course Listing: HARP GRAD MAJOR

Fall 2014, Bloomington

Information on this report reflects data as of the end of the day Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seats  Avail  Wait

               9610 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       McDonald S               18   11    0
                 If you are enrolling in lessons at the major (4XX- or 9XX-)
                 level and your instructor has a section of MUS-I 500,
                 Performance and Composition Masterclass, you should register
                 for both lessons and MUS-I 500.

        MUS-H 900  HARP GRAD MAJOR (3-8 CR)
               9609 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       Richards G               10   10    0
                 Above class is a temporary holding section for unassigned
                 major performance study. Students who register by the first
                 Tuesday of the term will be administratively reassigned to an
                 appropriate permanent class by the end of the first week. In
                 addition to registering for a holding section, students
                 should also register for the holding master class section
                 under Gwyn Richards' name (MUS-I 500). Students who register
                 in the Dean's holding section master class will also be
                 administratively reassigned to the appropriate studio master
                 class, if available.