Course Listing: CHAMBER MUSIC

Fall 2014, Bloomington

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               9567          ARR             ARR    ARR       Thorstensen E           200   75    0
                                                              Wyrczynski S
                 F 450 : Students in the above class should be available for
                 coachings on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-6p (except when
                 rehearsals in X 040 ensembles occur).  Failure to be
                 available for these times may result in not being able to
                 find coaches for the semester
                 F 450: Students are expected to form their own chamber
                 groups. All members of the group must be enrolled in MUS-F
                 450 or F 550. Students must obtain the permission of a
                 faculty coach for their groups and receive seven coachings.
                 Groups that are unable to find a chamber music coach will be
                 assigned to a faculty member by the String Department.
                 Students must attend the Chamber Music course meeting held in
                 the first week of classes to find out important sign-up
                 information. Time and location to be announced. Chamber Music
                 groups must be signed up through the website at
        String, Woodwind, and Piano players
                 who are interested in playing with a string chamber group and
                 who have not found their own group, must sign up for a brief
                 audition with Professor Bae, JS 226.
              16846 PERM     ARR             ARR    ARR       Im S                     60   50    0
                                                              Thorstensen E
                 Above class requires permission of instructor
                 Above class is a chamber group which includes Prof. Im as
                 pianist-coach.  This opportunity includes rehearsals and
                 performance with the faculty member.