Course Listing: CHAMBER MUSIC

Summer 2014, Bloomington

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              15619 PERM NS1 ARR             ARR    ARR       Thorstensen E           100   19    0
                                                              Wyrczynski S
                 Students in the above class will rehearse intensively during
                 the period June 9-27 or June 30-July 18, will receive six
                 faculty coachings, and will participate in a public
                 performance at the end of that period. 
                 All members of a chamber group must enroll in MUS-F 450 or
                 MUS-F 550.  Membership in a chamber group must be approved
                 before a student will be given permission to enroll.  An
                 organizational meeting for summer chamber music will take
                 place Wednesday, March 26, at 6:00pm in MC036.  Attendance is
                 expected.  For more information, visit the Chamber Music
                 Above class open to Graduate Music students only
                 Above class meets with MUS-F 450